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CUSTOM FITNESS Personal Fitness Consultants specializes in

individual, corporate and sports-oriented fitness programs at your

 home, office or gym. We'll even meet you out on the ball field,

whatever your sport may be, to help you to acheive your health,

 fitness and athletic goals!

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CUSTOM FITNESS Personal Fitness Consultants programs are focused, goal-oriented and tailored to the individual's unique health and fitness needs. Our certified trainers are qualified to assist all individuals in acheiving these goals. All programs emphasize safety. A complete medical physical is always advisable before beginning a new fitness regimen. We will work with your physician to help you to attain your desired health and fitness goals!
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CUSTOM FITNESS Personal Fitness Consultants provides personalized fitness training and nutritional counseling for men and women in their home, office or gym. We work with individuals of all ages and body types! We cover all of south, central and coastal Orange County, CA.  

CUSTOM FITNESS Personal Fitness Consultants provides corporate fitness programs to companies by offering affordable programs to help both employee and company alike to attain their health and wellness goals. Corporate fitness is a win-win for all who participate! Studies consistently demonstrate that healthy and fit employees are more productive than those who are not, resulting in a superior bottom line for the company!

CUSTOM FITNESS Personal Fitness Consultants also works with athletes of all ages, individually or in small groups. Whether it's speed and conditioning or strength and power, our goal-oriented trainers will help you to become a superior athlete and acheive your goals for your particular sport!

CUSTOM FITNESS Personal Fitness Consultants also works with special populations. We have experience working with seniors, youth and teens, as well as diseases such as diabetes, asthma, alzheimers, arthritis and more. We will also work in conjunction with your physician or qualified physical therapist to help rehabilitate any injuries, such as back, shoulder or hip.

 Other programs commonly provided by CUSTOM FITNESS Personal Fitness Consultants are weight loss, cardiovascular wellness, bodysculpting , increaced strength, improved stamina and awareness and stress relief

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